Card Machines for Businesses

Discover the variety of card machines available for businesses to take payments

There are a variety of terminals, devices, EPOS systems and gateways to choose from. Discover the variety of card machines available for businesses to take payments. Here is a brief expatiation of a few of these.

Choose from a variety of card machines from brands such as Ingenico and Verifone. Get in touch to discuss which devices may be suitable for your business.

Discover the variety of card machines available for businesses to take payments

Counter-top Machine

These terminals are designed to work easily with your till, the counter-top card machine is fixed and can be connected using your telephone line or broadband. These terminals accepts contactless payments – including Apple Pay and Android pay. These devices are typically found in retail outlets such as convenience shops.

Mobile Machine

Suitable for all kinds of businesses, the mobile card machine keeps your business online while on the road using a roaming SIM card. With GPRS connectivity and UK-wide network coverage, this machine accepts contactless payments including Apply Pay and Android Pay. These devices are best suited for businesses that wish to take payments on the move such as mobile tyre fitters.


Take control of your business with an EPOS system. Having an EPOS not only allows for fast, seamless transactions with Integrated payments but many systems provide valuable data and apps to help your business grow.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminals enable you to accept payments over the phone or via mail order with easy access on your chosen device. With no website required, access for up to 20 users and the ability to easily set up recurring payments, our virtual terminals as a payment option mean you can deliver exceptional experiences to all kinds of customers.

Portable Card Machine

The portable terminal allows staff more freedom to serve customers around the business premises. The portable card machine connects via Bluetooth or Wifi, with a 100m range, and offers contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay. These devices are typically found in service industries such as restaurants and hairdressers.

Card Readers

Mobile card readers from providers such as Izettle & SumUp have become very popular over the past few years. With the rise of the Cashless society these devices give Micro and small businesses who take smaller amounts of card payments a simple option to take card payments. Best suited to businesses that take no more than £1500 of card payments per month.

Online Payments

Online Payments for small business solutions gives your business a fast and secure method to take payments through your website.

Don’t have a website? No problem. We provide this service so that you can send your customers a link taking them directly to a payment page. It’s great for creating convenience around online invoicing, following up on outstanding payments or even single item purchases, and it can all be done without building a website.

Get in touch to find out more and see which service may be best for you.

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